Wednesday, April 7, 2010

subscription, text chat, and seven levels! o.k. make that eight!

first, i got text chat! finally! i've been asking my mom for text chat since january and got it last week! I an finally say something other than limited options!
second, i got a subscription and went up seven levels. I finished the plague oni yesterday, and got to master today. I´m working on a quest right now to get to 41.

*five battles*

*two more*

there! level 41!

ok thats about it BYE!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My teacher and her spelling

o.k. so the only interesting thing that has happened to me these past few days is that my teacher spelled George Washington wrong. And she spelled George Jorge then gorge. I'm worried...
my sister was sick and is exaggerating about her doctor's visit "take medicine or you get 3 injections per day" well I just don't believe her. I might be ranting but I'm not sure.I haven't slept well and I have been writing my dialogue for my oral expression about Thomas Edison. At least my spring break is next week. I'm really tired so I'm going to sleep.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Can´t I get a break?

OK so I haven't posted in ages. there's a good reason:
  1. I'm super busy
  2. my computer lost internet for a while
  3. my sister is sick and has NOT let me go on the computer for three days
O.K. Maybe three reasons.So, the only new stuff that's happened is that I made a new wizard (Brianna LightStalker, death) I was really bored and picked random answers on the quiz and got death. well i also went to the arena and some guy started yelling at me because I won. For some reason that made me laugh...
So thank you Alia for making me blogger of the week, and thank you people that are following me. I appreciate it.
BYE! ( and thanks)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

farming,farming, and more farming

i heard that nightshade drops wings and crown gear so i am farming. so far i got a new crown item (from pat o'gold) and... OHMYGOSH i can't see the cards or the arrow like thing, or the health. thats it! i'm e mailing friendly. anyway...I am playing it right now ang am waiting to be defeated.
*time passes*
finnaly! It's over!In the commons!yay!ok going to ravenwood radio now.check it out!


Friday, March 5, 2010


Again I don´t have much time so I´m making this quick.
I´m writing a story for creative writing.I´ll post it when I finish typing it.I had a friend over and we went outside and made brownies most of the time so we were busy.
Thats about it so

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I got Sabrina to level 5. got my dad´s to level 4. I made a cool floating museum on Melissa and am working on suspending something over the pond.omg! I´m late for my class!

Monday, March 1, 2010

homework impossible

Today my teacher made us investigate pangea and draw a picture of it!And the worst part is..... the spanish!don´t get me wrong, I´m better than most at spanish-trust me- but I have pretty bad reading comprehension in spanish.try to make sense of this
Pangea (Pangaea) era el supercontinente formado por la unión de todos los continentes actuales que se cree que existió durante las eras Paleozoica y Mesozoica, antes de que los continentes que lo componían fuesen separados por el movimiento de las placas tectónicas y conformaran su configuración actual. Este nombre aparentemente fue usado por primera vez por el alemán Alfred Wegener, principal autor de la teoría de la deriva continental, en 1912. Procede del prefijo griego "pan" que significa "todo" y de la palabra en griego "gea" "suelo" o "tierra" (Γαῖα Gaĩa, Γαῖη Gaĩê o Γῆ Gễ). De este modo, quedaría una palabra cuyo significado es "toda la tierra".

Se cree que la forma original de Pangea era una masa de tierra con forma de "C" distribuida a través del Ecuador. Ya que el tamaño masivo de Pangea era muy amplio, las regiones internas de tierra debieron ser muy secas debido a la falta de precipitación. El gran supercontinente habría permitido que los animales terrestres emigraran libremente desde el Polo Sur al Polo Norte. Al extenso océano que una vez rodeó al supercontinente de Pangea se le ha denominado Pantalasa (Panthalassa).

Se estima que Pangea se formó a finales del período Pérmico (hace aproximadamente 300 millones de años) cuando los continentes, que antes estaban separados, se unieron formando un sólo supercontinente rodeado por un único mar.

Pangea habría comenzado a fragmentarse entre finales del Triásico y comienzos del Jurásico (hace aproximadamente 200 millones de años), producto de los cambios y movimientos de las placas tectónicas. El proceso de fragmentación de este supercontinente condujo primero a dos continentes, Gondwana al sur y Laurasia al norte, separados por un mar circumecuatorial (mar de Tetis) y posteriormente a los continentes que conocemos hoy. Dicho proceso geológico de desplazamiento de las masas continentales (deriva continental) se mantiene en marcha al día de hoy.


OK, I admit, I can understand most of it, but it's boring. Even science class (last year) was more interesting and we had to copy the characteristics of Pangea, Rodinia, and the continents today.

Now about wizard 101, my subscription expired, and I just beat big ben! Lucky for me I had access passes through a quarter of krok, so I got Abigail in to the palace of fire. Almost a level 18! (sorry if I was ranting)

That's about it so...